Monday, September 21, 2009

Whispers in Wyoming

Black clouds hover above casting giant shadows on the mountains and valleys below. There is a crack in the darkness and sunlight pierces through. It breaks the black pattern below, etching a river of light across the earth and illuminating the life beneath it.

The light breathes warmth - a gentle whisper of welcome coaxing little creatures to expose their heads, allowing flowers one more gasp of life before they are again shrouded. Wind pushes unhindered across plains and mountains - an invisible can only see the effects of its power. I feel the wind push against my body, brush up against my face. It carries the sunlight's whisper; it tells me secrets. I shudder against its breath, laugh at its words. The wind is a good companion; I tell it my secrets and they are embraced, carried away across unknown places. Surround me wind, take my secrets, take my whispered words and breathe them into open ears.

I open my arms, the wind closes around me, and I am carried away...carried away by wind.


  1. Quite poetic my love. But I always knew you were :) I especially love the part: "I feel the wind push against my body, brush up against my face." and: "The wind is a good companion..." I love it when I feel like the wind is playing in my hair. Lovely image.

    Miss you and love you lots.. (Haha and I have a blog too!)

  2. may the road rise to meet you,
    and the wind call your name,

    may your feet be light,
    and the sun smile upon your face.

    ancient Irish blessing

  3. i wish i could piece words together as eloquently as you -- this is beautiful.

    also, i love being your real family :)